The Chopping Block – GVCS Lecture

22nd February 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society has invited The Chopping Block to share its thoughts on curatorial modes of production and practice, in support of our next group exhibition, ‘How Now Brown Cow’.

Through a focus on current curatorial tendencies within contemporary art – and our thoughts that surround them – we aim to highlight The Chopping Block’s approaches that facilitate creative talent through a considered selection of alternative exhibition and events.

For ‘How Now Brown Cow’, artists of Goldsmiths university have been invited to establish a discourse specific to themes of the present, of relying upon the immediate – and of trusting the spontaneous subconscious – in order to generate work pertaining to notions of the exigent, culminating in a show that aims to bring together artists of Goldsmiths working in a variety of different manners. The talk is open to all students and staff at Goldsmiths University.