31st March - 7th April

Future Mythologies of the End

Private View: 31st March 7pm

Featuring: Ben Branagan, Nelmarie du Preez,
Oliver McConnie & Paul Elliman

In the first exhibition of  The Chopping Block’s program of events, we look to investigate that which has preoccupied man’s existence since it’s beginning; the end.

In a confrontation of eschatological ideas, ‘As We Know It’ looks to concepts of the apocalypse as a response to mankind’s inability to comprehend ideas of death, nothingness and its recurring appetite for spectacles of destruction.

As a permanent contention of existentialism, civilisations have seemingly envisioned the creation, and destruction of the world throughout every known age. From the stories of Ragnorak, to Hesiod’s Five Ages, we have imagined the world without us continually – a trend that in recent history has seemed ever more forthcoming.

Why though, do we endeavor to imagine the apocalyptic dust of the planet – is there a comfort in eschatological endeavors? Is there a safety in attempting to unravel existence, imagining the conclusions of our shared narrative that make flesh of the end
times, time and time again?

We appear to be on the constant brink of the end, a seemingly perpetual tradition of the human condition despite our advancement. In a constant recurring death of ages, a development of technology and industry, man seems to project his end in a bid to escape his contemporary trauma.

In bringing an eclectic mix of artists and practitioners into a new fold, we look to draw on the various mythologies, past and future, of the apocalypse as a response to the limits to understanding the finality of the world.