28th April - 6th May

First Date for Three Years

The Chopping Block is proud to be presenting its first solo show, First Date for Three Years, featuring the new works of talented artist, Katie Brookes.

In an exhibition exclusively showcasing Brookes’ most recent paintings, First Date for Three Years serves as an insight into the artist’s ongoing endeavours to explore and interpret the varied conditions of human experience.

Brookes’ paintings are carnal unfoldings; visceral, subversive and absurd. Instinctual forms and colours exist somewhere between suggestion and evidence, revealing to us perturbed scenes that flaunt the subtle ways in which narratives are formed. Whilst at times grotesque and primal, these are stories whose characters, and motivations lie hidden. They are untrue realities – peculiar to themselves – liberated by symbols, signs and a constant flux between surreal humour and the real – in which deeper meanings are inevitably conveyed.