March 2nd - 18th March 2017

in association with Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society

The Chopping Block is proud to have invited artists and creatives currently studying at Goldmsiths University to submit work for our next exhibition ‘How Now Brown Cow’, a group show exploring themes of the automatic co-curated with the Visual Cultures Society.

From Plato’s musing on the origins of creativity and the present, to the Surrealist’s famously delving into concepts of the subconscious; spontaneity has been an arch catalyst, creativity the arch substance and output.

Artists have been invited to establish a discourse specific to themes of the present, of relying upon the immediate – and of trusting the spontaneous subconscious – in order to generate work pertaining to notions of the exigent, culminating in a show that aims to bring together artists of Goldsmiths working in a variety of different manners.