March 30th - 22nd April 2017

Celluloid & the Grotesque

Private View: 30th March 6.30pm

The Chopping Block is proud to present,‘Tender Omens’ – the galleries’ first filmic group exhibition, showcasing establishing and emerging film makers who delve into the surreal, the grotesque, and the unknown.

Themes and concepts which unsettle us, have been a constant thread within filmic history from the genesis of the medium. Melies’ Le Manoir Du Diable (1896) came into the public eye, in the same decade as the medium itself. Notions of the horrific, the violent and the strange are as common in cinema, as love and tragedy.

This only becomes more prevalent as the nights draw in, and notions of dread and darkness begin to plague our contemporary zeitgeist. ‘Tender Omens’ aims to explore the themes, topics and stories film-makers consider within the darker side of moving image. From the traditional to the abstract, the exhibition will submerge the viewer in the strange allure of the celluloid horrific.